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Morton Rail Products has been the source for safe walking surfaces to the railroad freight car industry since 1903. Their Morton running boards, end platforms, brake steps, intermodal platforms and locomotive steps are all AAR approved. One of the unique advantages of the Open Grip (round hole pattern) is the ability to have wiped ends which provide flexibility and add strength when boards are laid end to end.


One of the unique design advantages of Open-Grip is the ability to interrupt the pattern, which allows us to offer integral wiped ends on their boards. This strong, radiused end is an important safety feature that provides a safe transition between boards when they are laid end-to-end, while eliminating the mechanically-fastened end supports that are commonly used by competitors. Metalex running boards are thus easy to handle and install.


Open-Grip running boards, intermodal platforms, brake steps, and end platforms are made from 13 gauge G-90 pre-galvanized prime steel. These proven, quality products are certified to ISO 9001.

Metalex’s Morton Rail Products offering:

  • Open-Grip Running Boards
  • End Platforms
  • Brake Steps
  • Mounting Accessories
  • Steps and Platforms

Unity Railway Supply is proud to partner with Metalex to distribute Morton Rail Products to the industry. Please call or email us for more information, pricing, delivery, and product in stock in our warehouse.

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