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Unity Railway Supply offers a unique stocking distribution partnership where we service all areas of the mechanical departments of the North American railroad industry. With our warehousing capabilities, exceptional customer service, engineering and sales coverage, Unity prides itself in being the leading stocking distributor for railcar and locomotive components in North America.

Parker Hannifin / Clark Filter

Parker is the global leader in motion and control technologies, providing precision-engineered solutions within the railroad and industrial markets. Unity is proud to be a leading stocking distributor of the Clark & Baldwin filter product lines.

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A UPG company, offering a diverse expertise in salesmanship & engineering, Metalex offers the full line of Morton Rail Products; Open-Grip®, DeckSpan® and Tread-Grip® proprietary product designs provide non-slip surfaces that meet or exceed federal specifications for slip resistance. Unity is the exclusive stocking distributor with over 300 styles in stock.

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Samuel Roll Form Group

Samuel is a leading metals and industrial products manufacturer committed to delivering high-quality products. Unity is the exclusive stocking distributor of their auto rack roofs, boxcar door components, & uncoupling levers.

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Founded in 1869, McConway and Torley, LLC provides freight & transit couplers, knuckles & coupler parts, yokes & followers, striker parts and draw bars. Unity is proud to be a stocking distributor servicing the aftermarket for these products made in the USA.

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Part of OPW a Dover Company, Midland Manufacturing has been dedicated to supplying a broad range of products exceeding railcar industry operational standards for valves. Unity is proud to distribute their emergency response kits along with other miscellaneous valves and components.

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We are proud to be the exclusive railroad distributor for the Camrail® Freight Car Fasteners. Camrail® bolts are designed and manufactured for freight car assembly. Featuring the TORX® Drive System, Camrail® bolts help ensure long-term reliability in the construction and repair of freight cars. Camrail fasteners are engineered to provide the high clamp loads required for a number of critical applications.

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Unity Branded Products

Through partnership with our customers, Unity also offers an assortment of railcar components including but not limited to; handholds, wear plates, C-10 knuckle pins, rubber jacking pads, and air brake shipping containers.

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